Saturday, July 13, 2013

Get a GRIP!

The most important part of the handgun is the GRIP.  Holding the gun properly in the web of your hand will improve accuracy and stability with the handgun.  Some semi-automatic guns, “Sig Sauer” for example, are high profile slides - meaning the back strap of the gun (grips) are much lower than the slide and therefore results in the wrist breaking after the shot is fired and the gun jumps upwards.
A Glock is a low profile slide and the back strap is closer to the slide putting more pressure of the shot in your hand not your wrist.   
The same can be said about revolvers.  If you hold your gun low on the back strap the pressure of the shot will kick the barrel up and again resulting in your wrist breaking.

The fingers, hands, arms and shoulders are full of joints that I call hinges.  When you shoot a handgun all those hinges must be lock into place so the gun being fired will be stabilized long enough for the bullet to leave the barrel

Shooting tips:
1.     The grip needs to be in the center web of you hand
2.     High on the back strap (grip)
3.     90% tightness grip with you shooting hand
4.     The support hand needs to be fingers on fingers 80% tightness grip around the grip fingers and thumbs locked forward on the frame of the same slide facing the target (autos)
Revolvers the support thumb locked over the web or the grip hand.
5.     Follow through

If it feels wrong it’s RIGHT.  This is my saying for those who have a hard time changing their grip.  Remember handguns are built by the manufacture with mass production in mind. So you have to be careful in finding the proper handgun, caliber size of the gun, and proper grip that fits your hand.  If you already have a gun that does not quit fit your hand there are companies who make replacement grips in rubber or wood, both can be custom fitted for your handgun.  

John Popke
Weapons Training School

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carry Bag (Bug Out Bag)

  Many people are now using the term “bug out bag” for just about any bag that they have packed for an abnormal world event that might occur.  Each bug out bag can vary both in size and contents, but what’s very important is that your bag fits your need and your ability to move throughout your environment without being compromised; that’s why I like to use the Blackhawk Battle Bag. 
  I am very impressed with the Blackhawk Battle Bag because it provides a very low profile and is equipped with several options such as an inside holster, waterproof map holder, and several pockets and pouches for all your necessary equipment.  It comes with a sturdy strap that can either be worn around your body or carried like a brief case.
  I like to wear the Battle Bag around my body. In this day and age everybody has their own look and style; you can fit in to society with whatever you are comfortable wearing, without drawing  attention to yourself, and yet still have all the essential items that you need to survive and move to different locations.
  My carry bag has the following items for what I deem necessary for a three day survival 'bug out bag' or  'hide bag' (staying in a hidden place) or a 'trek bag' (walking, running) from a possible dangerous situation.
1.     Water (3 bottles 8oz)
2.     High protein power bars (9)
3.     First aid kit  (aspirin)
4.     Two flashlights (LED)
5.     State map
6.     Note pad and pens
7.     Two knives
8.     Gun (if applicable) Minimum 50 rounds extra
9.     Rain coat (light weight)
10.  Matches (paper)
11.  550 cord - 20 yards
12.  $50.00 dollars in one dollars bills
13.  One role of quarters

  This will get you started for a quick exit and have enough items for three days. You can always improve your carry bag, but remember this is an immediate bug out bag and you might have to move fast and far without any notice. Thanks for reading and I hope this will help get you prepared to keep you safe in any situation. I will now let our marketing manager Stephanie tell you a little about the Battle Bag I carry and the opportunity for you to purchase it.
-John Popke
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Thanks for reading,
Stephanie Popke/Petrey

Marketing Manager

Monday, February 27, 2012


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